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We offer superior service because we’re well prepared. Our selection of heavy truck parts includes common new and used components for highway trucks. We’ve built great relationships with manufacturers that allow us to source anything we don’t already stock. An incredible network of used parts is also at our fingertips allowing options for your repair. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re confident that we can acquire and install it.

Safety Inspections

Bring your truck and/or trailer to us for your annual safety inspections! Trust our certified inspectors to identify any potential issues and resolve them in a timely manner.

Truck Repairs

Comprehensive and efficient truck repair services to keep your fleet on the road. Trust our skilled technicians and state-of-the-art facility for prompt and reliable repairs that minimize downtime.

Trailer Repairs

Reliable and comprehensive trailer repair services to keep your trailers in optimal condition. Trust our experienced technicians to deliver efficient repairs and get your trailers back on the road quickly!

Oil Changes

Keep your engine running smoothly with our top-notch oil change services! Regular oil changes extend engine life, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce wear and tear. Schedule your oil change today for a well-maintained and reliable truck!

Engine Swaps

When you pair a modern truck chassis with an older rebuilt engine, you get the best of both worlds: All the convenience of a new cab with all the reliability of a pre-emission engine. Call us today to build one for you or to help guide you through the process!


Unlock Your Truck's Potential with ECM Tuning! Our expert technicians optimize engine performance for increased fuel efficiency and power. Experience smoother rides and better mileage. Book your tuning session now!

TR_S Truck Shop is here to provide you with all your truck and trailer repair needs. We have a 6 bay shop with OEM diagnostic systems, including Cummins Insite, CAT ET, and Volvo VCAD Pro. From a simple oil change to a complete engine rebuild, we can get your truck back on the road in a fast and efficient manner while being thorough and accurate. Our technicians are licensed to perform Manitoba Government Safety Inspections on most trucks and trailers. We can also provide roadside assistance for those unpredictable break downs.

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